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The Kelly Family

Angelo Kelly in Concert

Monday the 9th of April 2012 it was the second day of Easter. That day Sabra and I went to Apeldoorn together. It was raining, and raining, and raining some more, but we stayed dry in the car. We took a cappuccino after a short break, and then we continued our trip. Angelo Kelly preformed  at Apeldoorn that evening.  You probably remember him as youngest brother and band member of the Kelly Family. I still love their music and I listen to the albums with lots of pleasure. I started becoming a fan since the 1994 ‘I can’t help myself’ period.  I remember well that I was watching TV back then, after another school day. And I watched the ‘Top 40’ on TMF. That channel was like MTV, but then especially for Dutch viewers. My mom was cooking in the kitchen and the sound was very soft, so I turned it up when I saw the ‘I can’t help myself’ clip. My mom looked along out of the kitchen corner and she said she knew this band. Her grandma and grandpa used to listen to the earlier generation Kely Family. I was surprised, generations of family making music and I didn’t knew about it? Before I knew, I was a fan. I could not help myself when I had a  crush on Angelo for one year and a half and later on Paddy for 5 years.  Anyway, besides that I really loved the idea of all the brothers and sisters  making  music together and having fun. I was a loner at school and I choose to be a loner. I was not in the mood to talk about boys or clothing all the time. There were more subjects in the world to talk about in my opinion. So I took my lunch breaks where all the other kids were not. And I wrote poems and stories back then in the school library. I don’t write stories anymore now, sometimes I still write a poem every now and then but that’s it. The Kelly Family music always made me happy somehow. After a though day at school,  I was happy after listening to one of their albums. When I was tired, I had new energy after 45 minutes of Kelly Family songs. When I had a bad mood and I was muttering, my mom used it wisely, turned on the music and my cranky face turned into a smile again after a while.  

And then slowly they stopped being the 9 member band. And I also stopped listening to their music over the years.  I finished both schools, I had work, my dog Dobby came into my life. I was looking for love. Even tried internet dating for a while. Lots of fun stories to tell about that period, but I won’t do that now. That’s not the point :-).  Eventually Dobby and I moved out on our own and we had fun. We made long walks together (still do),  I sang of course, danced, made drawings and I had a fulltime job. There was no Kelly Family in my life. I’ve been to other concerts of Krezip, Lifehouse, Nightwish and Within Temptation and I went to Riverdance shows and of course Cavalia. I was enjoying movies like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, read the books aswell. I was lost in the world of Narnia. In my dreams at least. Also saw the movies and read the books. And I met my husband, we were best friends from day one and we got married last year September. There was nothing missing in my life, I even found love. But still it felt like it. And then,  last year I decided to listen to ‘Almost Heaven’ again. After all those years  the energy I got was the same, the happy feeling to sing and dance along, it has not changed.  The energy is probably comparable with people who drink a double espresso. Roy came home when I was doing the dishes and he really liked the album too. Especially ‘Hey diddle diddle’  We danced in our living room on that song and that was great fun.  Roy wanted to dance on the song on our wedding too, but that did not happen. Although there were some Kelly Family songs at our wedding party.  I remember the DJ Played ‘Because It’s love’ when we cut the wedding cake.


Sabra sang along with ‘Hey diddle diddle’ in the car. We sung two voices and while the rain continued, the sun shined in the car. We had great fun! When we arrived at the hotel, it turned out that I choose it well. You could walk from the hotel to Apeldoorn centre where concerthall ‘Gigant’ was. First we looked for a place to eat something. And of course we went to Mc Donald’s.  Everyting else was closed or unknown.  I was not nervous knowing that the perfomance came closer and closer. I was giggly, but that happens most of the time Sabra and I get together. This was no exeption.  If someone would have told me years back, that I would meet Angelo Kelly in the future 2012, I don’t know how I would have reacted. Maybe I would smile or jump around in the living room, or do both. But now I am older and wiser and I loved the performance. It was a great show and he still has that beautiful voice. And he still has great musical talent; he played guitar, played different kinds of drum, and also played on the mouth-organ. His wife sings beautiful too and his kids have also musical talent in drumming and singing. How could it be any different with such a great musical family and uncles and aunties. Nice to see!  He also told about his life and the changes they made to be happy, and how he did street performances and met special people along the way. Also the interaction with the audience was nice to see. That was different from the huge concerts I remember. There was the crowd so big, there was no time for hello or a meet and greet at all. I remember that Angelo trew his drumsticks in the audience and I always wished I could catch one someday. Now I bought and ‘Off road tour’ pen. It has the form of a sort of drumstick he had on stage. With and Irish drum. There was only one moment I missed his brothers and sisters and that was when they sung ‘I can’t help myself’.  And I missed the drum solo he always did at big concerts. But the show was great and it’s amazing to see how much music he gets out of a couple of instruments!

The great meet and greet moment came closer as we were waiting for our turn in the line. I was wondering what to say to him? Or I should sing for him or maybe even with him? But before I knew he shook my hand and wrote down an autograph for me in nice curled letters. We also had a short chat about Amsterdam, and we took a picture. He also wrote an autograph for Sabra. And Sabra made a nice picture of us, but I have no I Phone experience and there the giggly thing happened again when it was my turn to make a picture.  Because out of nothing I saw my face in the I Phone, instead of them. And I was giggling and giggling, terrible!  My hands where a bit shaky, I probably was a bit nervous now. But I still managed to make the picture anyway, although it turned out a bit more blur then my picture. Sorry Sabra! So the meet and greet was over, we said ‘thank you’ and he replied ‘you’re welcome’ and that was it. After that both Sabra and I were giggly because of a Robert Pattinson carton board. If you made a picture, it has to look like you were with Robert on the picture.  In our case it was not such a success. It was too high for us and it just was too funny.  The pictures turned out very funny as well, but you won’t see them coming online. You have to take my word for it. Oh, you know what the worst part was? After Angelo signed our concert tickets, I left them there on the table! So we left ‘Gigant’ walked outside and luckily I checked my purse. No tickets, no autograph. We hurried back, hoping Angelo left because that would be embarrassing. It was crazy enough as it was already! But the tickets waited for us, we took them and we went upstairs to end the evening with a glass of Baileys and we walked back to the hotel. The next morning we had a nice breakfast with warm toast and all that and we went back home. That was the Apeldoorn adventure.


Because I was too shy to sing for Angelo, Sabra said to me: “Why don’t you sing for him, and send it to him?’  So I sang ‘An angel’, put it on Youtube, but I’m somehow still shy to send the link to him.  I know that sounds crazy, because the whole world  can see it. But you have to find it first. But we had a great time and I’m glad their music is back in my life.



Paddy Kelly in Concert

Although I still hope to see them together on stage again one day, it  is a very long time ago since I saw Paddy Kelly in concert.  I never saw him preform solo before. So Roy and I went for a weekend to Wageningen, on 17th November 2013. We stayed in hotel 'het Hof van Wageningen'. It's a great hotel to relax and have a nice time.  And it was cool that 'Junushof' the concerthall, was a only a few minutes walking away from the hotel. It was Sunday, and althoug it would be a shopping Sunday according to the internet, all the shops in Wageningen were closed. So, after a short and cold walk, Roy and I went back to the hotel and took a cup of warm chocolate milk with whipped cream. We got ourselves  fresh Sushi from the supermarket in our own village for dinner, before we left for Wageningen.  The shops are always open there, and that's especially very nice on Sundays.  I already guessed that the stores would be closed. So, after the warm chocolate milk and the sushi, time went by fast. We walked to the concert hall around a quarter to 6 PM and found a lot of German fans there and also a lot of Dutch fans. What was most striking to me, was the large number of women who came to this concert. There were a few men too, but I could count them on my fingers.  It was a totally different crowd than with Angelo's concert, but the rules were the same.  No pictures during the show, otherwise you would be send out. But Paddy's concert was great. And he speaks Dutch very well too, although he thinks about that differently. He says it's a long time ago and his memory is not so good anymore, since he does not speak Dutch every day. But, well done anyway Paddy! 


Paddy said that we all grew a bit older along the way and that we need to colour our grey hair. Well, yeah, that's true! It was a super concert and I especially liked how interactive it was. Paddy divided the crowd in two and we had to sing different kinds of the song.  And there was also this part that the crowd brought two spoons and they made music with the spoons, while the other part, with no spoons made music with their feet on the ground. I didn't read anything about spoons on Facebook, so I was one of the bad persons (lol) who could use my feet to make the rhythm. The spoon thing is common in Ireland. They do that a lot in pubs, while making music together. 


Paddy still has an amazing lot of energy. And a great voice, very talented als always. He rocked the place when he sung and played 'One More Freaking Dollar'.   And the crowd  was really cheering when he walked threw the concert hall to shake hands with many fans. He even walked over chairs to get back to the stage. Unfortunately at that point I sat in the middle and he did not reach me. But I loved the action though, never saw him so close up before. When he sung 'Fell In Love With An Alien' he solved the part very smart, where Kathy normally sings. He made the fans sing that part. Ah, why not? It was fun! And we all knew the song.  During the break Roy and I drunk a small bottle of Pepsi and I bought Paddy's album. After the break, we enjoyed the rest of his great solo concert. Just like Angelo, he shared nice stories with us, his adventures. Like the story of this old lady he met in the train. It would be a long ride and he wanted to have some peace and rest. He assumed the old lady would not recognize him, but he was wrong there. She had a pile with gossip magazines with her and suddenly she looked up from one of those magazines and said to Paddy that he was the one running. Paddy said no, that's not me. (That is Joey of course). And then she said that Paddy was the one from the monastery and he couldn't deny that. She knew everything about him, she continued and Paddy was very surpised to here this. Then she started to call every single person in her phone list and made Paddy say hello to them, as they were all fans. No relaxing trip for Paddy.  And then he shared this story with us of Maite. Maite did her thing on a public toilet (we all have to do that) when there came a piece of toilet paper and a pen under the door. Maite said thanks for the toilet paper, as she didn't had any of it at the moment, but the fan got her signature on a normal piece of paper later on. It's nice to listen to these kinds of experiences. Angelo's experiences were inspiring, he even writes songs about some of the amazing people he met on his way.   Paddy's concert was over way too fast, although, he came back for a final song of course. And we were all happy to see him one more time. After that, Roy and I went for a drink in the café of Junushof and suddenly we saw this girl running by outside really fast. We looked at each other and we went outside too. Because Paddy had no time planned for pictures or signatures, so we were hoping a bit that he would do that spontaneously for the fans. So we walked a bit around the buiding and stopped at the back. There were more people waiting,  around 20 other fans. Roy asked me if I wanted to wait with them untill Paddy would leave the building. That's something I never did before, but then I saw my hotel lying accross the field of grass and thought, why not? There has to be a first time for everything. So we waited and we saw that the sound system was loaded back in the bus. And a light got on and the light got off.  And later on a man stood for the window to look at all the fans waiting backstage and we waived friendly to him. He then dissapeared again. And then, finally Paddy came outside. A couple of fans walked to him, but his manager didn't allow them to take pictures and there was no time for signatures. So, he stepped in his car and Paddy himself seemed to be sorry for us. So he opened his window as the car drove away slowley and he shook hands with a few fans. I was last in line, but he looked at me too and I held out my hand. He took my thumb pretty firmly for a moment and we both said nothing more then: 'Bye'  A magical moment for me. I looked at my thumb like I never saw it before. Then we all watched the car drive away untill it was out of side and then we all went our separate ways.  Roy, thanks for this experience. I would not have dare it without your  story.  He said, if you get the chance, no need to go for it. So I did.  I'm always afraid to bother or irritate people, but this was an amazing experience for me, same as the Angelo moment.  So we ended the night in the hotel with fresh mint tea in the restaurant and a bag of chips while watchting tv in the room. And we enjoyed this great English breakfast the next morning. We went to this hotel before and the breakfast was just as spectaculair as the first time we stayed there.  I don't go to concerts as often as I used to go, that's why I enjoy it even more when I do go. And I want to thank Paddy for this great performance in Wageningen! 




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